Health Problems Often Suffered Most Women

All women must have experienced having vaginal discharges. Well, these kinds of discharges seem to be a natural phenomena. Your vaginal glands, as well as the cervix, produces a small amount of fluid whose function is to clean the vagina. This white-like fluid is thick in texture and is not pungent. However, whenever there are cases where the discharge’s odour is foul and is causing irritation, this might be caused by an infection in the vagina.Women suffering from vaginal infections may have different types of bacteria or fungi that reside in the sexual organ. The growth of these bacteria or fungi are the cause of the stinky odor, even up to the point when These infections, especially vaginitis, do not have any critical nor dangerous side effects on women’s sexual health.

Infections such as vaginitis is usually identified due to the presence of a general symptom, which is the production of that foul-odored vaginal discharge. This bacterial vaginosis is usually caused by several factors. These factors include instances when women engage in sexual activities that involve different partners. Smoking and other street drugs may also contribute to the cause. Bacteria such as Lactobacilli and even yeast, as stated earlier, are also contributors to the disease. These infections can be easily treated through using either home-made products or over-the-counter medications for solution use crystal x . Prescriptions are also easily accessible since pharmacies could help determine what to give you. Home products may be used such as yoghurt or vinegar as a douche.


An herbal products should ideally be able to eliminate the symptoms or can eliminate medical disorders and may reduce pain. However, at therapeutic doses, may not result in the emergence of the undesirable effect (negative effect), resulting from this explanation, it is important to test toxicity of herbal medicine first.

This is herb crystal x products, has obtained a marketing authorization from Official permission in terms of Indonesia products, evidenced from the enactment of BPOM permit number that is with POM NA number 18151600018. It certainly shows that through Official permission in terms of Indonesia, the product already through clinical trials including toxicity tests and so forth. Obviously from the description, it can be ascertained that the crystal x safe for use by the public.

what is crystal x picture

But keep in mind for readers everywhere, to ensure that product safety is maintained, it BPOM (Official permission in terms of Indonesian) was continuously performed escort and monitoring the safety aspects of the product after circulation (post-marketing surveillance), therefore it is no wonder that gradually, the company did transformation gradually the crystal x and opinion for quality improvement, one of which is evidenced by the renewal of a number of the original hall pom POM POM NA NA 18111600004 into 18151600018.

Never hesitate, you will feel after know because it has been tried, warm greetings and god bless


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